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  1. Cotton wool spots are an abnormal finding on funduscopic exam of the retina of the eye. They appear as fluffy white patches on the retina. They are caused by damage to nerve fibers and are a result of accumulations of axoplasmic material within the nerve fiber layer.There is reduced axonal transport (and hence backlog and accumulation of intracellular products) within the nerves because of the.
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  4. ation of the retina (fundoscopic exa
  5. Cotton-wool spots (CWS) (Figure) are acute signs of vascular insufficiency to an area of retina.They have been described in many conditions, but only occasionally cause symptoms in patients. The most common symptoms associated with retinal CWS can include scotoma, arcuate defects, blurred vision, and amaurosis fugax
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These cotton-wool spots will disappear within one week (as opposed to the eight to 10 weeks for cotton-wool spots caused by diabetes or hypertension) after successful epiretinal membrane peeling. 2 In addition, traumatic laceration of the nerve fiber layer will similarly disrupt axon transport mechanisms and produce accumulation of intracytoplasmic organelles at the edges of the laceration 2020's populaire Rangschikking trefwoorden trends in Mannenkleding, Dames Kleding, Kledingaccessoires, Speelgoed & Hobbies met cotton wool spots en Rangschikking trefwoorden. Ontdek meer dan 138 van onze beste Rangschikking trefwoorden op AliExpress.com, inclusief de bestverkopende Rangschikking trefwoorden merken. Koop 25 van onze populairste Rangschikking trefwoorden artikelen met de beste. Possible causes of Cotton wool spots (Medical Symptom)Cotton wool spots are an abnormal finding on fundoscopic exam of the retina of the eyeThis video contai.. Sanjay Sharma, Gary C. Brown, in Retina (Fourth Edition), 2006. COTTON-WOOL SPOTS. A cotton-wool spot, or soft exudate, is a yellow-white lesion in the superficial retina that usually occupies an area less than one fourth that of the optic disc (Fig. 69-19).A cotton-wool spot can occur singly or in conjunction with many others (Fig. 69-20).Fluorescein angiographically, these lesions correspond. cotton-wool spot: [ spot ] a circumscribed area or place, usually distinguished by its color; see also macula and tache . actual focal spot the section of a focal spot on which there is intersection of an electron beam with an anode of an x-ray tube. Bitot's s's foamy gray triangular spots of keratinized epithelium on the conjunctivae, a sign.

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Synonyms for cotton-wool spots in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for cotton-wool spots. 252 synonyms for spot: mark, stain, speck, scar, flaw, taint, blot, smudge, blemish. • cotton wool → watten ↔ Watte — lockeres Gefüge aus einzelnen Textilfasern • cotton wool → watten ↔ coton hydrophile — fibre végétal e issue du cotonnier et traité e afin de la rendre très absorbant e spot, fish: see croakercroaker, member of the abundant and varied family Sciaenidae, carnivorous, spiny-finned fishes including the weakfishes, the drums, and the kingcroakers (or kingfish). The croaker has a compressed, elongated body similar to that of the bass... Click the link for more information. . The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia. Cotton Wool Spots: Yoan, Niek: Amazon.nl Selecteer uw cookievoorkeuren We gebruiken cookies en vergelijkbare tools om uw winkelervaring te verbeteren, onze services aan te bieden, te begrijpen hoe klanten onze services gebruiken zodat we verbeteringen kunnen aanbrengen, en om advertenties weer te geven Fundoscopy revealed bilateral multiple peripapillary yellow-white patches like cotton-wool spots, flame-shaped intraretinal hemorrhages, and macular edema (Figure 1a). Purtscher-Like Retinopathy Associated with Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrom

cotton wool spots - Vertaling naar Nederlands

The presence of isolated cotton-wool spots in normal fundi may indicate serious systemic disease. In this presentation 4 patients were examined for blurred vision or scotomas with sudden onset. Two of them were pregnant. Funduscopic examination revealed soft-appearing white spots in the temporal arc The cotton wool appearance is a plain film sign of Paget disease and results from thickened, disorganized trabeculae which lead to areas of sclerosis in a previously lucent area of bone, typically the skull. These sclerotic patches are poorly defined and fluffy. See also. Other Paget disease related signs: banana fracture; blade of grass sign; jigsaw pattern bone or mosaic pattern bon Cotton wool spots appear as fluffy white patches on the retina and are associated with diabetes. The hidden clinical sign on fundoscopy Active learning approach for detection of hard exudates, cotton wool spots , and drusen in retinal images//Medical Imaging 2009: Computer-Aided Diagnosis, 2009--P

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