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  1. Chan-hyung Fissure Baek is a South Korean Main-Tank player recently playing for the Vancouver Titans. He is known for his style of playing tanks that often prioritizes raw damage over creating space. He retired from competitive Overwatch on June 27th, 2019 , but returned on November 26th, 2019.
  2. Professional Overwatch gamer Baek Fissure Chan-hyung doesn't care what you think of him. Fissure, 21, suddenly retired from the esport and its major competition, the Overwatch League, last year.
  3. Another Overwatch League player has retired. The Soeul Dynasty confirmed Baek Fissure Chan-hyung's retirement after he hinted he needed a break
  4. Former Overwatch League MVP runner-up and Seoul Dynasty main tank Baek Fissure Chan-hyung announced his retirement Thursday
  5. In a surprise announcement, Seoul Dynasty main tank Baek Fissure Chan-hyung has retired from the Overwatch League. His retirement comes in the middle of the league's third stage, where the.
  6. Largest Prize from a Single Tournament. Out of the 8 tournaments awarding cash prizes that Fissure had competed in, the largest amount was $15,000.00 from Overwatch League - Season 1 Regular Season on June 17, 2018. He placed 4th, making up 32.96% of his total prize money won
  7. g very common for bench players this season. I've covered a bunch of them already, from Hyeon EFFECT Hwang to Daniel dafran Francesca.The reasons usually revolve around playing time or simply not being suited to the league, and some great talents have left due to that

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  1. Fissure isn't the only Overwatch League player to face monetary fines for his actions. Earlier this year, Lee Rise Won-Jae was fined $1,000 for account boosting
  2. The controversy surrounding the Vancouver Titans release of its roster last month made its way back into the spotlight when now-former Vancouver Titan Overwatch player Baek Fissure Chan-hyung made claims that he was forcibly removed from the team without payment
  3. 130 votes, 17 comments. 43.3k members in the OverwatchTMZ community. Post taken down from /r/cow because it's useless but entertaining garbage
Fissure on the future: “I think a 2-2-2 role lock would be

This page was last edited on 12 July 2018, at 00:00. Text/code is available under CC-BY-SA.Licenses for other media varies Tournament results. Fissure has totally took part in 7 events for the last 5 years.In that period the player was a runnerup in 2 tournaments and has taken the 3rd place once.The most beneficial appearance for Fissure was Overwatch League/Season 1/Regular Season in 2018 with $150,000 in prize money shared for the position #4

Fissure Fissure Mouse Settings DPI: 800 Sensitivity: 6.00 eDPI: 4800 cm = 360°: 28.86 Zoom Sensitivity: ? HZ: 1000 Fissure Video Settings Resolution: 1920×1080 HZ: 240 FOV: 103 Render Scale: 100 Overwatch League pro Baek Fissure Chan-hyung took to Twitch to publicly call out his former organization, the Vancouver Titans. Fissure claimed that his team had forcibly removed him and the rest of the roster and have since avoided paying out his contract 다양한 게임을 즐겨하고 싶다. Theatre Mode (alt+t) Fullscreen (f

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  1. In fact, Fissure's teammates included Rascal, Birding, Curious, Void, wakawaka and Bdosin, where all but two have now found homes in the Overwatch League. After the team placed 3r in the final season of APEX, Cloud9 announced that they had signed the entire of Cloud9 Kongdoo alongside GC Busan
  2. Seoul Dynasty main tank Baek Fissure Chan-hyung has announced his mid-stage retirement from the Overwatch League, just days after revealing he was considering taking a break from the game. I can tangibly feel that I've lost a lot of my passion to work hard or to play hard in anticipation for matches, Fissure said in his initial announcement
  3. Fissure Tank God - Best of Fissure Subscribe to help me get 100k !-http://bit.ly/2DDTCXW Fissure https://www.twitch.tv/fissure_ow Follow me: Twitter - http..
  4. From huge plays to baffling retirements -- and unretirements -- Fissure has been one of Overwatch's most compelling players. Can he make it work on his fourth team in three seasons
  5. Overwatch; Owl Fissure? User Info: weasel_dog. weasel_dog 1 year ago #11. Fissure is, so far, the most reliable source, and has concrete information, and facts, instead of just rumors, and hearsay. User Info: angry_cowtipper. angry_cowtipper 1 year ago #12
  6. Fissure (Chanhyoeng Baek) Overwatch. Information, recent matches, teams, maps and statistic
  7. Fissure was sent over to the Los Angeles Gladiators for cold hard cash, in arguably the most impactful transaction during the Overwatch League transfer window, and the rest was history. Fissure got the playtime he deserved and the Gladiators quickly improved with him at the head of their battalion, posturing him at the forefront of MVP candidates

Country: Korea, Republic of, age: -, team -, played 13 matche Who's better than Fissure? NOBODY that's who! Today we break down the best tank in the world, the pro that turned an entire team's season around seemingly si.. Fissure the Great. If you have kept tabs on Fissure's career at all since joining the Overwatch League, you'd know that his departure from the game is every bit emblematic of his time spent in it. Since his days on the London Spitfire, Fissure has always been an aggressive, outspoken and committed player to any team he has been put on

For Overwatch on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Owl Fissure?

Done Deal: Fissure gets his wish with Seoul Dynasty move

Fissure Announces Shocking Retirement from Overwatch

Seoul Dynasty's Fissure announces Overwatch League retiremen

Compare results and prize money for Overwatch player Baek Fissure Chan Hyung with similar players Esports profile for Overwatch player Baek Fissure Chan Hyung: $45,505.09 USD in prize money won from 8 tournaments

FISSURE OVERWATCH SETTINGS. Leave a Comment / Realm Royale / By Adam Dunn. About. Chan-Hyung Fissure Baek was born on February 26, 1999 and is currently playing for Seoul Dynasty as a Tank. Sensitivity Settings. DPI 800: SENSITIVITY 6.00: EDPI 4800 Author: Kenn Leandre Published Date: February 14, 2018 Leave a Comment on Overwatch League Transfers: Fissure Close to Los Angeles Gladiator Move Seems like another player move is on the cards for newly-crowned Stage 1 champions, London Spitfire as Los Angeles Gladiators sought to acquire tank-main, Chan-hyung Fissure Baek Search for Overwatch Player Stats Notice and Letter from Switch : Schedule : Standings : Teams : Players : Meta : Stats : Fissure: Seoul Dynasty : TANK : Profile : Season Stats . Season Games Total Games Played Maps Total Maps Played Elims / min Hero Damage / min Healing / min Final Blows / min Ultimates / min Deaths / min ; 2019 : 21 : 12 : 87.

Fissure was sent over to the Los Angeles Gladiators for cold hard cash, in arguably the most impactful transaction during the Overwatch League transfer window, and the rest was history. Fissure got the playtime he deserved and the Gladiators quickly improved with him at the head of their battalion, posturing him at the forefront of MVP candidates Author: Kenn Leandre Published Date: February 21, 2018 1 Comment on Overwatch League Transfers: Why Fissure Left for LA Gladiators It's finally made official and we also know why former KongDoo Panthera and London Spitfire main tank, Chan-hyung Fissure Baek left the Stage 1 champions for the struggling LA Gladiators; he wanted more playtime

Fissure's punishment was listed on the Overwatch League Discipline Tracker on November 26 for sharing confidential League information, and its currently the first punishment of its kind. Talking to his stream shortly after his retirement in June, the then-Soeul Dynasty player revealed that the mechanic would be used in Stage Four of the 2019 season Fissure, who recently came out of retirement to join the Vancouver Titans after leaving Seoul Dynasty on June 26, was given the fine after taking to his personal Twitch channel and discussed information regarding the 2-2-2 role lock that will be coming to Overwatch League during Stage 4. I'm retired now, so I'll say it, said Fissure The Overwatch League responded to Chan-hyung Fissure Baek's statement that the Vancouver Titans refused to pay his contract by forcibly removing him from the squad, stating that the Titans. - Fissure of the L.A. Gladiators . In week three of the second stage of Overwatch League, the grudge match was set. London Spitfire was set to play against the L.A. Gladiators on March 10. In stage 1, this would have been an uninteresting regular season game. The Gladiators were a middle of the pack team without any upset potential

Fissure not playing during the playoffs was quite a lot of drama. Maybe second only to the whole Childgrasper situation. As for the team, Gladiators was only put on the map once Fissure joined. Surefour, I admit, showed good improvement as the season progressed but otherwise, really not much to talk about FISSURE Overwatch Settings. Posted by Joe Shure November 26, 2019 Leave a comment on FISSURE Overwatch Settings. About. Chan-Hyung Fissure Baek was born on February 26, 1999 and is currently playing for Seoul Dynasty as a Tank. Sensitivity Settings. DPI 800: SENSITIVITY 6.00: EDPI 4800

2019-06-06 - Overwatch League 2019 Stage 2 Playoffs / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment. Overwatch League star and main tank for the Seoul Dynasty, Baek Fissure Chan-hyung, is retiring from the Overwatch League. The announcement came in a surprise social media post from the Dynasty's twitter account All things fast paced FPS including Quake, Unreal Tournament, Overwatch, Doom and more! Plus Forward uses cookies to track usage and preferences. For more information see our cookie policy Star tank player Fissure has retired from the Overwatch League, effective immediately. The South Korean wonder had been complaining of lost passion for Overwatch following Stage Three of the League, and had mentioned that this was a possibility

Fissure's surprise retirement comes in the middle of Stage 3 and shortly after a written statement about taking a break to figure out how to move forward in his Overwatch career. His options were to take a break and come back in Stage 4, or retire from the game altogether Main tank Chan-hyung Fissure Baek called out the Vancouver Titans, claiming his former Overwatch organization forcibly removed him from the roster and is abstaining from paying out his contract

Seoul Dynasty's Fissure retires from the Overwatch League

Fissure's rise to fame began when he played tank for Kongdoo Panthera in 2017. He helped the team finish second in APEX Season 3 and third in APEX Season 4. He was then signed by the London Spitfire alongside several of his teammates This Overwatch gameplay highlights C9 Kongdoo versus NC Foxes at the OGN APEX S4. This video also includes our interview with Winston player Fissure, who tal.. While Fissure may have confirmed a 2/2/2 lock for Stage 4, fans are still curious if this feature will be implemented into the competitive game mode for the general player base. Ever since the GOATS composition became meta, Overwatch League viewership has dropped Overwatch League team London Spitfire may well have just won Stage 1 of the competition after victory in the playoffs at the end of the first five weeks, but new reports are indicating that some of their players may be being transferred elsewhere.. ESPN is reporting that Dallas Fuel has agreed a contract transfer for Kim 'Rascal' Dong-jun, according to alleged sources close to both the teams. After stepping out of the London Spitfire's shadows in Stage 2 and consequently leading the Los Angeles Gladiators into the playoff limelight, Chan-hyung Fissure Baek was been traded to the Seoul Dynasty. And just like that, the Overwatch League welcomes a third all-Korean team to its top five. Fissure's experience, skill set, and commitment to

Overwatch Pros Get BOUNCED - Gladiators vs. Mayhem 1v1 IRL. by LA Gladiators 2 years ago 2 years ago. 24 0. NUTTIEST DHAK NANO SOLDIER SLEEP II SF SHOCK vs LA GLADIATORS TOP 5 PLAYS Fissure was drawn out of retirement by the allure of the Titans' talent and stability. His addition will be the ultimate test of that system. Fissure is volatile and, at times, destructive, but if Vancouver can keep him happy, he can raise their ceiling. After coming so close in 2019, a productive Fissure could mean a title in 2020 The LA Gladiators say goodbye to one of their most prolific members as Fissure of the Overwatch League joins the Seoul Dynast Fissure was a charismatic and polarizing figure as a popular main tank in the Overwatch League, and his departure from not only the Seoul Dynasty but the league itself has had a similar effect. » Overwatch League - Season 1 Playoffs-$5,000.00: Overwatch: 2018-06-17: 4th » Overwatch League - Season 1 Regular Season-$15,000.00: Overwatch: 2018-02-10: 1st » Overwatch League - Season 1 Stage 1-$8,333.33: Overwatch

Fissure plays main tank for London Spitfire in the Overwatch league and is a very entertaining Korean Reinhardt player who is also very talented. Muma plays mainly winston and Reinhardt at a very high level Fissure recently went on stream to discuss the $3,000 penalty. He told his fans that he had paid the four-figure fine soon after revealing the confidential information, but explained Blizzard hadn't announced it until he was signed to the Overwatch League once again In Stage 3 of the 2019 season of the Overwatch League, Fissure abruptly left the Seoul Dynasty and stated that he would be retiring from professional Overwatch. Whether or not he was burnt out, or just frustrated with losing playtime, Fissure has a migratory pattern. Fissure is a strong personality, and his aggressive playstyle isn't for. Shortly before the Los Angeles Gladiators' first playoff game against the London Spitfire, the Gladiators announced that they would not be starting Chan-hyung Fissure Baek. - OW - WIN.g

Tournament results by team for Overwatch player Baek Fissure Chan Hyung. History Players Tournaments Teams Leagues Games Tips Forums Search Baek Fissure Chan Hyung - Overwatch Playe When it comes to time within the Overwatch community, Saebyeolbe is a veteran. He has played in many APEX tournaments, been a part of the Overwatch World Cup, and the captain of the NYXL for 3 seasons. He has a lot of experience to bring to the team. Taesung 'Anamo' Jung and himself are the newest members of the Team Chan-hyung Fissure Baek was born on February 26, 1999. He is a South Korean player who formerly played for Seoul Dynasty

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Overwatch Summer Games 2019: How to earn skins for Mei

Fissure retires from the Overwatch League - Daily Esport

The statements that Fissure made on stream are pretty wild, as well; the depth of them has many Overwatch League agencies looking closely at precisely what occurred, as it seems to be illegal. You can watch the stream, which is entirely in Korean & Hangul, here Blizzard espn esports hammond overwatch Overwatch overwatch drama overwatch fissure overwatch funny moments overwatch gameplay overwatch hammond overwatch hammond name overwatch league overwatch league drama overwatch league fissure overwatch league hammond overwatch wrecking ball Overwatch: Why His Name ISN'T Hammond! - OWL Fissure Drama owl. Uldir Raid Boss Guides for Battle for Azeroth; New Cinematics: Jaina's Visions, Bwonsamdi, Zandalar Forever; Feral Druid Buff Specifics, Coming This Wee Biggest c9 in the history of Overwatch ft Muma and Fissure. OverMeme - Overwatch Memes is playing Overwatch.. June 20, 2018 Overwatch League Insider. Menu. Twitter; WordPress.com; Tag: Fissure Dynasty's Downfall: Seoul Slumping Against the Top Teams. The Seoul Dynasty faced a monumental challenge coming into the fourth week of Stage Two. They were up against the number one and two teams of Stage One in the New York Excelsior and the London Spitfire

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The fissure between Overwatch's fanbases have been present from the beginning. The game rewards more than just mechanical aim; heroes like Mercy and Orisa focus on ability usage and cooldown management. Overwatch was a shooter for players without elite aim, and that emphasis clashed with players who brought expectations of what a shooter. 피_셔 (fissure_ow) - Overwatch. 11,110 views - Mon, Oct 2 at 13:44. Fissure calls Taimou the best hitscan player in the world. 피_셔 (fissure_ow) - Overwatch. 11,108 views - Mon, Sep 25 at 20:48. Fissure flanking shatter ruined. 피_셔 (fissure_ow) - Overwatch. 9,295 views. The London Spitfire let go of another player, with Fissure joining the LA Gladiators

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Fissure fined $3,000 for leaking Overwatch League

They seem pretty happy with the deal

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